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SGO Calculator
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Easy to use, web based system for automatic calculation of SGOs - Student Growth Objectives

Finally, help for Student Growth Objective Data Analysis.

Imagine having this produced in seconds rather than hours.

Results of Student Growth Objective
Summarize results using weighted average as appropriate.
Preparedness Group Students at Target Score Teacher SGO Score Weight (based on students per group) Weighted Score Total Teacher SGO Score
Low  27  3 .34  1.02


Medium  34  3 .42  1.26
High  22  4 .24  .96

How Much Is Your Time Worth??

To make things simple, SGO Calculator has divided the SGO process into 3 parts:

  1. Student Data
    1. Entering Student Names, ID, etc.
    2. Entering Test Scores
  2. Settings & Results (Results are imediately updated when you change the settings)
    1. PreTest Tier Settings (Preparedness Groups)
    2. Teacher SGO Scoring Plan Settings
  3. Narratives (optional)
    1. Will generate a completed SGO ready for printing and submission

SGO Calculator automates your calculations AND,

Most teachers are required to submit 2 SGOs. Again to make things easy, they are separated by 2 colors - Red and Blue
You can switch between the SGOs by clicking on the top right button:

You can enter 3 sets of student scores (Pre-Test, Mid-Year, Final-Test) for each Student Growth Objective.

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